Drohnen und UAVs

The compact design, light weight and ease of integration of FT sensors make them ideal for reading wind speed, direction and temperature on board unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and at unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground launch and recovery stations.

FT sensors can be used as a replacement for a pitot-based system on fixed wing or multi-rotor UAVs. Reading wind speeds up to 75m/s, they provide highly accurate measurements, particularly in the 0-40 knots range where pitot tube systems tend to have issues.

With full 360° air speed direction measurement, they are ideal for station-keeping and hovering on quad-rotor UAVs. They are also an extremely responsive component in a dynamic positioning system, used to protect the UAV in unpredictably gusty and turbulent environments, such as urban areas, or around bridges, transmission line towers, wind turbines or other large structures. With a much stronger signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) than other ultrasonic technologies, our Acu-Res® Technology demonstrates unsurpassed levels of data availability.

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